Technology Governance

Technology / August 2, 2016 /

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This book is probably one of the first on the subject of ‘Technology Governance’. It builds up the concept of governance and IT governance and formalizes the definition of ‘technology’. The concept of ‘streams of technology’ is introduced. The other new concepts introduced are those of ‘speed of business’ and ‘speed of technology’. The concept of ‘technology governance’ is built on these basic concepts.
The necessity of practicing ‘technology governance’ as against ‘IT governance’ has been discussed and proven.
The shortcomings in the standards, best practices and codes that relate to ‘technology governance’ are discussed and recommendations have been made to enhance these to cater to ‘technology governance’.
The book also lays down a reference model for technology governance, a road map for the implementation of technology governance and gives guidance for the assessment of technology governance in an enterprise.
This book may prove to be the foundation of the new field of ‘technology governance’.
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