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High School Courses

In the life of a given student, passing through high school is vital. Therefore all students should take the best opportunities presented to them. Exchange programs offer the best platforms for student to explore their education in a different kind of setting as compared to conventional methods. In exchange program setting, a student gets to develop in a different surrounding to what they are accustomed to. A student with a certain career path in mind has various options of programs to pick from.

The programs offered include the academic year program. A student has to be aged between 15 and 18. Another requirement is that the student has to have undergone English studies for at least three years before enrolling in the program. A host family will then be given to the student only after passing the criteria where the student will reside during the program. The duration of the program is usually one academic year or an entire semester.

The next program offered is the private school program (PSP) where students can potentially stay for more than a year till they graduate. F-1 visas make it possible for the student to stay that long. Mostly the private schools take such PSP students because of the high requirements for qualification that gives rise to quality students. Among the qualifications are students being required to be mature, flexible, ambitious to succeed, able to integrate and write and speak very well in English.
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Short term programs abbreviated as STPs are also a program that high schoolers can pick to go through. They usually last for 2-8 weeks all depending on what the students looks forward to getting. The expectations to qualify are usually not so great. This is because most of the foreign students that take this program only aim to improve their English skills. The students look to improve on their integrating skills when they build relationships with the family they stay with together with the community they will be living in. Additionally, they will go through a culture shock during their stay. The high school the students will be in will see to it that their schedules accommodate the students and that which suits them. This ensures that the students obtain the maximum experience in their duration. Most people choose this for it is worthwhile.
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The final stage program is the vocational youth program. Graduates also seen as young adults are presented an opportunity to stay and intern in a foreign country. To aid in the work development of the graduates, there are internships for them to do so. Apart from learning new ways of living, they also advance. Other open door programs offer other students an opportunity to go to a country of choice and gain a similar experience.

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