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Auto & Motor / April 22, 2017 /

How To Buy From A Genuine Silver Jewelry Manufacturer? We live in the modern age and almost everyone is making use of the internet when searching for almost everything and that includes silver jewelry manufacturers. Whether you believe it or not, it can give you with more or less 27 million pages in search results by doing a quick search on the said subject. Because of this, some are having a hard time finding reliable and dependable manufacturers because of the sheer number of options available. Search engines especially Google can’t filter the genuine manufacturers and for that, you need to your discretion in finding reliable and genuine suppliers or manufacturers of silver jewelry. Because of the fact that there’s low cost for creating a page and less marketing expense at the same time, there are now numerous phony guys who claim to be genuine on sites where the truth is, they don’t even know the basics of making a jewelry. They neither have experience of creating such nor license, membership, firm registration, export certificate or any other valuable document to back up their claims.
Jewelry Tips for The Average Joe
It is hard to find out trusted and reliable silver jewelry manufacturers from not in these said conditions. The good news is, there are plenty of tips that you can use to identify whether the manufacturer you plan to choose is genuine or not.
Why Manufacturers Aren’t As Bad As You Think
Number 1. Through websites – keep in mind, any genuine manufacturers ought to have their showroom and office photos on their page. They must have at least 3 or 4 different pages since jewelry making is their primary business and not a trial or part time business, meaning to say they must spend more on online marketing and websites. They must not hide their phone numbers, mobile numbers, email and other contact information. In working hours, they must be ready to provide assistance to customers and clearly mention the conditions and terms of their business while publishing their recommendations, license and business certificates. Number 2. Through contact address – having a tele postal address on Google maps and their site can help you search the company’s name straight from Google maps. In addition to that, you can send a formal introduction letter or inquiry without having to tell them by post and this has to be confirmed via email to know if it is received or not. Contacting the landline number is another thing to do as any genuine silver jewelry manufacturers are always trying to give their full time in factory or office. Number 3. Inform them that you’re planning to visit in the next couple of days – call them and tell them that you’re planning to buy silver jewelries from them and you want to visit their showroom or office. You can tell that they don’t know what and where they can show if you feel that they’re being hesitant.

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